Molly's play Unmentionables: A Play About Panties was chosen to be developed and performed at Boston University in October of 2018.

The play, centered around two contemporary young women, navigates privilege, sex, and female friendship. The girls had very different upbringings--Shannon comes from an upper-middle class background while Claudia most likely grew up below the poverty line. In the play, Claudia tries to navigate her past and the financial situation she's created for herself as a young professional, whereas Shannon, having never needed to worry about money, is able to focus her priorities elsewhere. The girl's friendship is tested when they meet a young man who unintentionally sparks them to question their priorities and the nature of their friendship.

Thursday October 25th @ 7:30pm

Friday October 26th @ 8pm

Saturday October 27th @ 2pm and 8pm

Sunday October 28th @ 2pm

in Studio One

855 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston, MA 02215

Contact Molly for more information.